Donor vehicle, chassis & body

15 November 2018 1932 Ford Model B Pickup 1195
1932 Hot Rod body parts and chassis rails. 1932 Ford Model B body parts and chassis - SRT Designs Limited.

The running gear needed to be reasonably economical and have plenty of torque for the amount of towing this would be doing. It was deceided to get a donor vehicle so we could use as much as the running gear, suspension and interior as possible. The chosen vehicle was a 2006 Jaguar S-Type with a V6 2.7 litre twin turbo engine. The car was purchased in February and used for a couple of months to ensure everything was running and working correctly.

In March a 1932 Ford Model B cab, doors, visor, grill and bonnet was purchased for Tribute Automotive. Four weeks later we were picking this up. Whilst waiting for the body to be made a pair of geniune Amercian Stamped chassis rails were purchased which had just been boxed in. Also, a pair Spreader Bars (front and rear) with spacers were purchased from Speedway Motors. This would save a bit of time during the construction and give us a good start.

In order to keep the budget down a set of existing 20" alloys with almost new tyres was going to be used. In order for these to fit a set of spaces with offset PCD and CB were made for us in 6062 T6 Aluminium by Freak Parts. These were fitted to the Jaguar to test all was OK. All that was required was to cut down the existing studs slightly as these interfered with the back of the alloy rim.