The Vision

15 November 2018 1932 Ford Model B Pickup 1110
1932 Ford Model B Pickup truck. 1932 Ford Model B Pickup truck - SRT Designs Limited.

In February 2018 it was decided to make a Hot Rod pickup for SRT Designs Limited to be used as their company vehicle showcasing their performance products they sell online together with their custom made interior aluminium door panels. A 1932 Ford Model B pickup truck with modern (ish) running gear was the chosen concept. The colour will be red possibly with a distressed look and a black stripe (or two) through the centre.

Whilst the sketch shows running boards it is proposed to have exposed wheels. The front end will be fibreglass and the pickup bed will be fabricated from metal. The rims will be 20" from an existing vehicle. The truck may get air suspension but this will depend on budgets. The reason why this has been called CONFUSED is due to the fact it has a bit of everything from differing styles and equipment.