1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8

1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 (32)

This car is being built primarily for the drag strip but will also be able to drive on the road. It has taken a few twist and turns during the build but we are back on track to get it compleded in 2019 (at long last). Due to the time this car is taking it has been called ETERNITY and will be sponsored by SRT Designs Limited - October 2018.

V8 Cortina - the big push starts

17 November 2018 1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 1266

It has been a while since anything much has been carried out n the V8 Cortina. 2018 was a bit of a push on progress with the aim to complete in 2019. Here we can see the rear axle has been powder coated and some parts painted and assembled onto the car. It has been decided to take out firewall as we have had a change of plan. The front suspension has been striped and modified to take custom made coilovers from GAZ Shocks. All the components have been powder coated and fitted back onto the car. Before assembly the front end was given a a couple of coats of Epoxy primer. 

Fibreglass work

14 October 2012 Bodywork 2307

As I will be fabricating a complete GRP front end for my V8 I have the opportunity before I refit my lights etc. to my Cortina Deluxe to make GRP molds of the lamp bowls. I have never made GRP molds before, so this is another first. I hope to show you what is done to achieve this task. Let's hope it works out OK. To start with the area was thoroughly cleaned. Areas not requiring fibreglassing were masked off to protect from resin contact. Both headlight bowls were then coated with Mold Release (Cannuba wax).  Each coat was waxed on and then polished out before it dried. 30 minutes were left before applying the next coat. 5 coats were layed on before applying a coat of PVA releasing agent (blue coating).  This has to thoroughly dry before laying on the Gelcoat which is my next task.  Come back soon.

12/11/2012 - The headlamp bowls mold have now been completed. Additional photos have been added to the gallery above. These include the matting cut out ready to lay up, a couple of rollers used to make sure all air bubbles/pockets have been eliminated, the materials used, headlamp bowl with the gelcoat applied, matting layered up (1 x 300 and 2 x 450), matting trimmed while still green.  This will be left for a week to harden before the mold can be removed.

Roll Cage

04 March 2012 Interior 1784

Here are some photos of the custom made 8 point roll cage fabricated by Huxley Motorsport. The roll cage has been designed to be FIA tagged but I will wait until the cage is painted before this happens.  I do not really want to paint around their sticker!!

Photo's start off with the car being dropped off at the workshops.  Next one is all strapped up ready for its homeward journey, followed by a few shots outside before going back into the garage.  Even though it had a cover when it was outside awaiting the cage the wet weather has taken its toll on the untreated metalwork.

Rear panels

31 December 2011 Bodywork 1746

The rear part of the car needs some work. The person who owned this before put a hole in the offside wing for the fuel cap. This has been plated in and filler applied, yet to be smoothed over. Each rear lower quarter panel needed some fresh metalwork. The offside was hard work due to the different curves but it came out sort of ok. Some of the rear boot lid channel has had some new metalwork.

Rear doors

31 December 2011 Bodywork 1727

Why a section on the rear doors? Well, I always like a challenge, so I am going to attempt to make fibreglass rear doors. This will make it lighter and they serve no purpose so will be located using some sort of fasteners. The doors will have no handles and have a one piece window. All I know is it will not be glass but what material; e.g. perspex, polycarbonate, lexan etc. is not known at this time.

So far the handle recess has had a steel plate welded in place and smoothed over with some filler.  This has not been completed yet. The side window has been removed and a template made from cardboard. The template was transferred to plywood as this will need to be fixed into place as the doors will be made into a plug/mold for the fibreglass.

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