05 July 2011 Brakes 1857

The plan is to create all new pipe work, fit a servo, have discs all round - vented up front and solid for the rear and a method of balancing the brake pressure from front to rear.

It would have been nice to construct all the pipework using braided hose and stainless fittings but funds dictated it was not to be. I have chosen copper nickel pipe as this is better than just copper. To carry out this task I borrowed a decent pipe flaring tool. Below is making one of the small pipes from the rear caliper to the tee piece.

The servo was sourced from an old Rover 2200 which would do the job nicely. Thanks to my cousin Mark for that one. A few pictures (couple of the servo shown below) were taken before it was removed from the Rover with its brake pedal assemble box. A bracket was fabricated and welded on to the main chassis. Supporting bracket fitted and pipework installed. It did not work very well but with advise and assistance from my brother-in-law Peter the unit was stripped, cleaned and put back together. The unit worked very well after that.

The brake pedal and master cylinder had to be positioned and mounted into the car. The brake pedal came with a box type housing which I had to think how this could be utilised. It was decided to make my own. Side panels were cut and a backing plate for the footwell all out of 3mm steel. A nut was welded onto one of the side brackets to locate the swivel rod. Slots were cut into the footwell and the backing plate welded in place. The next couple of photos show the assemble fitted into place. The master cylinder rod was far to long for my application. This was cut to length and a new thread created. An adapter was purchased from Burton power to enable me to fit a hose to feed from the reservoir. The final shot is the bracket made for the master cylinder, reservoir and supporting bracket for the servo unit. 

Due to the car design it was necessary to be able to balance the brake pressure from the front and back of the car in order to brake effectively and safely. A Wilwood brake proportioning valve was purchased and fitted onto a bracket on the front upright.  Over a period of time I have decided I do not want it there anymore. This will get removed and re-located inside the car.