Brakes (4)


29 December 2011 Brakes 1119

The handbrake is again going to be challenging. I have started off by purchasing a new Jaguar handbrake cable as this will fit the calipers and then see where we go from there.

Handbrake fitted to rear calipers. Started at the easy end. Handbrake cable fitted to both rear calipers. There will be a long arc for the cable to travel. It is proposed to arc to the rear and come back through the middle of the rear cross member moving forward to the handbrake lever.
Handbrake cable bracket. First bracket tacked into place under the rear cross member - left hand side.

Rear brakes

29 December 2011 Brakes 1126

For the rear brakes this will be a little easier as the inboard discs come with the Jaguar Independant Rear Suspension (IRS). The calipers will get re-conditioned with new pads, discs, return springs and pipes.

Original rear calipers getting stripped ready for reconditioning. The rear calipers are getting stripped ready for reconditioning and a coat of paint.
Bigg Red reconditioned the rear calipers. The rear calipers were taken to Bigg Red to get reconditioned. They were treated to new pistons, seals, valves and a coat of paint.

Front brakes

29 December 2011 Brakes 1247

For the front it is proposed to have vented discs from a Ford Capri 2.8i and have 4 pot calipers from an Austin Princess. As the front calipers are dual fed this will create a challange to the installation.

Princess 4 pot calipers ready for dismantling. Austin Princess 4 pot calipers before being dismantled and checked over. These were sourced from a friend in work at a reasonable price.
Princess 4 pot calipers dismantled. Princess 4 pot calipers dismantled.  Pistons look good enough and do not need replacing.  New seal and pin kit has been ordered and the cleaning process started.


05 July 2011 Brakes 1904

The plan is to create all new pipe work, fit a servo, have discs all round - vented up front and solid for the rear and a method of balancing the brake pressure from front to rear.

It would have been nice to construct all the pipework using braided hose and stainless fittings but funds dictated it was not to be. I have chosen copper nickel pipe as this is better than just copper. To carry out this task I borrowed a decent pipe flaring tool. Below is making one of the small pipes from the rear caliper to the tee piece.