Coolant (3)

New Water pump and silicon!

27 December 2011 Coolant 1100

Water pump to inlet manifold hose looking a bit worse for wear and not fitting correctly. Also, water pump leaking so the hunt for a new one progresses.

Existing water pump hose modified to suit. January 2007: The original hose had to be cut as the fitting on the inlet manifold extended out quite a distance over the original. The hose was looking a bit worse for wear and the diameter of the water pump and inlet manifold hose were also different and difficult to seal properly.
New Samco silicon hose chopped to suit. February 2007: After some research I found that Samco silicon hoses manufactured a 90° bend with different internal diameters at each end. Perfect, one was purchased and cut to suit my application. Stainless steel hose clips also fitted.

Electrical fan installation

27 December 2011 Coolant 1097

In order to keep the new radiator cool; e.g. in traffic, I needed to fit an electric fan with an adjustable thermostat. Here is how I installed one.

16" electric fan and adjustable thermostat kit.Here is the 16" electric fan kit and Adjustable Thermostat bought from Car Builder Solutions.
Front view of electric fan.The kit had several brackets. The ones I chose were slotted into the fan shroud shown above (4 in total). The round cable ties were slotted through the radiator ensuring you fitted the rubber washer between the bracket and the radiator to offer some protection.


05 July 2011 Coolant 1871

The Radiator needs to be fitted and plumbed in. This page shows how I progress through this task. I am using the original Plymouth radiator as this will be big enough to cope. New brackets will have to be fitted and hoses sourced. As this radiator also acts as the coolant for the gearbox transmission fluid, new fittings will need to be obtained together with necessary plumbing to the gearbox.

Radiator mounted on brackets - trial fit. Radiator mounted on brackets (spot welded) to see if it sits OK. Happy with this and clearance, now taken radiator to be re-cored.
Re-cored radiator carried out by Olympic Radiators. Radiator gets re-cored by Olympic Radiators (very reasonable priced to). It has been upgraded from a 2 to 3 core and has approx. 25% more rows per core. Should keep cool. New 1/8" NPT to JIC -6 adapters fitted from Speedflow - see blue anodised fittings at bottom of radiator pointed out by the arrows.