Engine & Transmission

Engine & Transmission (3)


31 December 2011 Engine & Transmission 1204

Starting up is a set of Patriot Tight Tuck Headers from Pertronix.  These were cleaned up and given a coat of black heat proof exhaust paint. The next part is just pure artwork! The car was taken to Pro Speed Exhausts (Cardiff) where the owner Charlie and his team fabricated the 2.5" stainless exhaust system.  It incorporates a cross over pipe and polished silencers.  The exhaust took them 10 hours to fabricate and all done in one day due to the travelling I had to get the car to them. 


27 December 2011 Engine & Transmission 1159

The standard transmission console and gearshift assemble was not going to get fitted. A B&M Mega Shifter was going to do the gearshift work.

Gearbox mounting needs attention. When the front end of the chassis had to be re-adjusted this caused the gearbox mount to be in the wrong place.
New gearbox mounting.As it was quite likely at some point in the future a heavier duty gearbox would be sourced it was decided to add another cross member to the chassis. This meant the gearbox could now be bolted in place.

Engine and Transmission

05 July 2011 Engine & Transmission 2212

The engine will be a Mopar block 318 cubic inch, 5.2 litre with some modifications. The gearbox is the standard 904 torque flight box.

First job was to place the engine and gearbox in the car and see how things shaped up. This resulted in some of the front panel being removed together with most of the firewall. It was decided that the whole front end would come off and a new one fabricated making things a lot easier to access and maintain.