Interior (4)

Roll Cage

04 March 2012 Interior 1724

Here are some photos of the custom made 8 point roll cage fabricated by Huxley Motorsport. The roll cage has been designed to be FIA tagged but I will wait until the cage is painted before this happens.  I do not really want to paint around their sticker!!

Photo's start off with the car being dropped off at the workshops.  Next one is all strapped up ready for its homeward journey, followed by a few shots outside before going back into the garage.  Even though it had a cover when it was outside awaiting the cage the wet weather has taken its toll on the untreated metalwork.


31 December 2011 Interior 1424

Here I will show you what I plan for the dashboard on the Cortina. The plan is to put a Series II wooden 1600E dashboard which houses those 4 lovely dials in the middle - I love those.

Standard original dash - boring. This picture shows the original dashboard or dash panel. The vents on each side have already been removed together with the glove-box lid.
Standard original dash - boring. More of the same but a closer look at the original dials and switches.


05 July 2011 Interior 1806

While this car will be used on the road, it will also be used for drag racing. Therefore, the interior needs to be practical and have all the necessary functions and safety equipment. I hope to enter into MSA/FIA events so need to take into consideration the regulations laid out in the Blue Book.

TRS 3 point harness. TRS 3 point harness will do the necessary for holding me in.
Monaco S seats.
A pair of Monaco S seats have been installed on runners to enable fine adjustments.