31 December 2011 Interior 1367

Here I will show you what I plan for the dashboard on the Cortina. The plan is to put a Series II wooden 1600E dashboard which houses those 4 lovely dials in the middle - I love those.

Standard original dash - boring. This picture shows the original dashboard or dash panel. The vents on each side have already been removed together with the glove-box lid.
Standard original dash - boring. More of the same but a closer look at the original dials and switches.
Naked at last !!!!!!!!!!! Now the dashboard is real naked front and back. The dials, switches all the wiring loom - everything has been removed. The plan is to make a completely new wiring loom - am I mad or what !! Well! the hobby is all about learning (or is it getting older, poorer and greyer - you decide).
New dash and door cappings from a MKII Series 2 1600E. Picture shows new dash and door cappings from a Series II 1600E. Modification will be required on the existing dash (more cutting out) to enable the 4 dials and heater/switches to fit correctly.

In order for the Series 2 dash to fit some cutting of the dashboard had to be carried out. Then came the problem of the large gauges which meant the metal behind the wooden dash panel had to be trimmed. The gauges were fitted in to see what it looked like - see photos below.

Well, time went on and decided I did not like the way in which the gauges fitted into the wooden dash panel. The issue was the depth of the panel. So, a new idea emerged - Solution 2! This was to remove the entire dash center and replace it with new sheet metal. A cardboard template was first cut out before cutting out the metal panel. All the holes for the lights and gauges were drilled out before tacking up the new dash panel. Gauges were fitted to see what it turned out like - see photos below.

Well it will not surprise you that I did not like the way in which this turned out. So, Solution 3 is now on the cards. I have decided to remove the sheet metal and insert a new alloy panel which can be removed if required. This will make it easier for upgrades/maintenance. I also wanted to do something a little different. A cutout was designed which is a circle with flames coming off it.  This will be cut out from the alloy panel and an alloy back plate made about 10mm below the cutout. This will have the Welsh Flag airbrushed on and have red, white and green LED lights.  In the center will be the battery cut off switch - see photos below. That is the plan, so we will have to wait and see what materialises.