Electrical fan installation

27 December 2011 Coolant 1056

In order to keep the new radiator cool; e.g. in traffic, I needed to fit an electric fan with an adjustable thermostat. Here is how I installed one.

16" electric fan and adjustable thermostat kit.Here is the 16" electric fan kit and Adjustable Thermostat bought from Car Builder Solutions.
Front view of electric fan.The kit had several brackets. The ones I chose were slotted into the fan shroud shown above (4 in total). The round cable ties were slotted through the radiator ensuring you fitted the rubber washer between the bracket and the radiator to offer some protection.
Rear view of electric fan.The opposite side requires the foam padding slipping over the round cable tie and the retaining clip pushed on as tight as you can by hand. Once this has been done the ties need to be cut, leaving about 1" free as shown above.
Adjustable thermostat fitted ready for wiring up.
The first thing was to decide where to put the adjustable thermostat. It had to be fairly close to the top hose as the stainless steel probe needed to fit inside. I opted not to do this now because the car was not ready. The engine will require to come out at some point, probably more than once!! Sods law I would break the capillary wire taking the top hose off and on. Anyway, I chose to fit the unit at the top of the radiator bracket. A piece of masking tape was stuck on so when the thermostat bracket was offered up I could easily mark where the holes had to be. Holes were drilled and the thermostat screwed into place with the screws supplied.
Fitted 16" electric fan and adjustable thermostat kit. Here is the fan and thermostat all fitted. Just the cabling to go.
Water temp sensor gets fitted into top of radiator. Here you can see the sensor housing has been soldered into the top of the radiator. Olympic Radiators did this for me at no cost. The sensor just fits into the housing, tighten the nut which seals the joint with the olive insert. This is a far better solution than pocking the sensor with its delicate wire into the top hose.