05 July 2011 Fuel 1736

The fuel system will be all new. Starting at the back with a Jaz fuel cell all the way to the Holley 650cfm four barrel with vacuum secondaries up front. All the fuel hose, adapters and fittings will be JIC AN and purchased from Speedflow - all part numbers will be entered for information.

Fuel filter and pump brackets.October 2004: Brackets have been made up and welded to main chassis for the Fram fuel filter and Holley fuel pump. A quick coat of Zinc primer also painted on for protection.
Fuel filter and pump installed.October 2004: Here we have installed the Fram HGP1 fuel filter 602 and Holley Red Top fuel pump. The Fram filter has 1 inlet and 1 outlet that are 3/8" npt female. On both the filter and pump we have fitted a -6 JIC to 3/8" NPT straight adaptor 816-06-06. A -6 straight hose end 401-06 or -6 45deg hose end 402-06 has been fitted to these adapters before the fuel hose.
Jazz fuel cell installed in boot.October 2004: Jaz Pro Street fuel cell (12 US gallons) plumbed in and installed in center of boot for good weight distribution. The tank has two -8 JIC outlets. A -8 JIC female to -6 JIC male adaptor 950-08-06 was fitted to one outlet and the other was blanked off with a -8 JIC end plug. This will get used at a latter stage when we get some NOS. The tank breather was fitted using a -6 90° coupler 133-06 then a Check valve -06 JIC male ports 610-06. The end was then fitted with a straight fitting and 400 series hose exiting the boot floor (not shown in this photo).
Holley 650 4 barrel carb.October 2004: Here we have a new Holley 650cfm four barrel carburettor with vacuum secondaries . We have fitted a -6 male to 9/16" x 24 port adaptor 701-06 to the carburettor before a -6 straight hose end 401-06 fitted to the end of the Aeroquip 400 series hose -6 3/8" internal diameter fuel hose.
Edelbrock 14" Air Filter.October 2004: Here we have an Edelbrock 14" Air Filter sat on top of the Holley carb.