New Water pump and silicon!

27 December 2011 Coolant 1057

Water pump to inlet manifold hose looking a bit worse for wear and not fitting correctly. Also, water pump leaking so the hunt for a new one progresses.

Existing water pump hose modified to suit. January 2007: The original hose had to be cut as the fitting on the inlet manifold extended out quite a distance over the original. The hose was looking a bit worse for wear and the diameter of the water pump and inlet manifold hose were also different and difficult to seal properly.
New Samco silicon hose chopped to suit. February 2007: After some research I found that Samco silicon hoses manufactured a 90° bend with different internal diameters at each end. Perfect, one was purchased and cut to suit my application. Stainless steel hose clips also fitted.
New water pump all the way from the USA. March 2007: The water pump has developed a leak so a new one was purchased from the USA and shipped over. A good clean and a few coats of POR engine paint applied.
New hose and blank off fitting. April 2007: I could not remove the heater hose outlet, not even with heat. So, the way I solved this was to get a small length of hose, an alloy wheel nut which had the perfect diameter and a couple of stainless steel hose clips. Sorted.