Rear brakes

29 December 2011 Brakes 1084

For the rear brakes this will be a little easier as the inboard discs come with the Jaguar Independant Rear Suspension (IRS). The calipers will get re-conditioned with new pads, discs, return springs and pipes.

Original rear calipers getting stripped ready for reconditioning. The rear calipers are getting stripped ready for reconditioning and a coat of paint.
Bigg Red reconditioned the rear calipers. The rear calipers were taken to Bigg Red to get reconditioned. They were treated to new pistons, seals, valves and a coat of paint.
Rear discs and parts.
New rear discs, pads, springs, lock wire, pipes and handbrake cable ordered from Ward Engineering.
Rear handbrake caliper parts all painted up.The handbrake calipers was stripped, cleaned and painted. Picture above shows the parts ready for re-assembly.
Rear caliper reconditioned and re-assembled.
All the components have been re-assembled awaitng to be fitted into the car.
Rear calipers fitted to car.
Rear calipers, discs etc. now fitted into car.