Rear panels

31 December 2011 Bodywork 1663

The rear part of the car needs some work. The person who owned this before put a hole in the offside wing for the fuel cap. This has been plated in and filler applied, yet to be smoothed over. Each rear lower quarter panel needed some fresh metalwork. The offside was hard work due to the different curves but it came out sort of ok. Some of the rear boot lid channel has had some new metalwork.

The rear valance was purchased from Smith & Deakin and will get fitted and blended into the rear of the car with large cutouts for the twin exhaust system. With the rear valance offered up it was time to mark out the exhaust cut outs. When this was done the panel was held in place while the gap between the rear valance and panel were created. Fine mesh was used to form a curve and held in place with Tiger Seal sealant. The mesh was then covered in a few layers of glass fibre matting and resin. When the desired layers were completed a skimming of filler was applied to smooth things over.

A new fibreglass boot was purchased from Smith & Deakin. The picture below shows the extra support given to the underside to give it a bit more strength.

Cross braced support under fibreglass boot.

The rear of the car was taken back to bare metal and two coats of Epoxy Sealer applied to protect the metal work whilst work moves over to one of my other projects.