V8 Cortina - the big push starts

17 November 2018 1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 1265

It has been a while since anything much has been carried out n the V8 Cortina. 2018 was a bit of a push on progress with the aim to complete in 2019. Here we can see the rear axle has been powder coated and some parts painted and assembled onto the car. It has been decided to take out firewall as we have had a change of plan. The front suspension has been striped and modified to take custom made coilovers from GAZ Shocks. All the components have been powder coated and fitted back onto the car. Before assembly the front end was given a a couple of coats of Epoxy primer. 

All new front bushes were repplaced with new upper and lower steeering arms which were painted to protect the cast metal from rusting. New lighweight alloy hubs with new bearings also purchased and fitted. A new steering arm was purchased and installed. A new design firewall has been made and awaiting to be fabricated and welded in place. A new drag race prepared gearbox is on route from the USA so we have decided to make new gearbox mounts to suit the new poly bush mount. While we are at it we are redesigning the engine mounts.