1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8

1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 (32)

This car is being built primarily for the drag strip but will also be able to drive on the road. It has taken a few twist and turns during the build but we are back on track to get it compleded in 2019 (at long last). Due to the time this car is taking it has been called ETERNITY and will be sponsored by SRT Designs Limited - October 2018.

Rear brakes

29 December 2011 Brakes 1129

For the rear brakes this will be a little easier as the inboard discs come with the Jaguar Independant Rear Suspension (IRS). The calipers will get re-conditioned with new pads, discs, return springs and pipes.

Original rear calipers getting stripped ready for reconditioning. The rear calipers are getting stripped ready for reconditioning and a coat of paint.
Bigg Red reconditioned the rear calipers. The rear calipers were taken to Bigg Red to get reconditioned. They were treated to new pistons, seals, valves and a coat of paint.

Front brakes

29 December 2011 Brakes 1252

For the front it is proposed to have vented discs from a Ford Capri 2.8i and have 4 pot calipers from an Austin Princess. As the front calipers are dual fed this will create a challange to the installation.

Princess 4 pot calipers ready for dismantling. Austin Princess 4 pot calipers before being dismantled and checked over. These were sourced from a friend in work at a reasonable price.
Princess 4 pot calipers dismantled. Princess 4 pot calipers dismantled.  Pistons look good enough and do not need replacing.  New seal and pin kit has been ordered and the cleaning process started.


29 December 2011 Electrics 1001

I have chosen to use Auto Meter Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite Series guages for my project.

The small gauges (52mm) are Water Temperature, Fuel, Oil Pressure and Voltmeter.

The larger 5" guages are the 10,000rpm Memory Tachometer and the 160mph Electronic speedometer.

I will show the wiring diagram of the installation when ready.  To see how these are fitted into the car - see Interior section.

Electrics Part 1

29 December 2011 Electrics 1238

Here we have the mechanical to electric speed sensor for use with my Auto Meter electronic speedometer.  Wires are cut and tinned. A three piece connector kit will be used. All wires are soldered on to the connectors and heat shrink placed on to provide some support.  Connector plugged in, one less task on the list.

Rear suspension

29 December 2011 Suspension 1171

Rear suspension used is from a 1974 Jaguar 4.2. New inboard discs and re-conditoned brake calipers have been purchased - see Braking System.  New GAZ adjustable coilovers with 400lb springs per side have been installed.  I have opted to only have one spring per side over the usual two per side.  This is why the spring rates are 400lbs each. Rear alloy hubs are getting cleaned up and halfshafts get striped and painted.

The suspension is bolted to a special made cross member made by Pop Browns. The coilovers are also bolted to brackets which are bolted to the cross member.

The axle is located in place using adjustable radius rods and tie straps. These were custom made by Pop Browns. 

The halfshafts have been shortened by 6.5" each end by Andy Robinson Race Cars in order for the alloy wheels to fit under stock arches.

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