1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8

1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 (32)

This car is being built primarily for the drag strip but will also be able to drive on the road. It has taken a few twist and turns during the build but we are back on track to get it compleded in 2019 (at long last). Due to the time this car is taking it has been called ETERNITY and will be sponsored by SRT Designs Limited - October 2018.

Front panel

28 December 2011 Bodywork 1310

Front valance work begins so we can start putting the front end together.

Front valance requiring some edge tidying up. The front valance was donated by another Cortina Enthusiast. The edges had to tidied up by removing parts of the front wing.
Small dent needing some attention. A small dent is present which will require my new learned bodywork skills!!! New dollies and hammers and a good book, how else.

Front end mock up

28 December 2011 Bodywork 1671

The plan here is to create a one piece front that can be taken off quickly by a few clips of some description. This will make working on the engine / front suspension very easy. I have two new front fibreglass wings, a kindly donated front valance and the existing bonnet. I do plan to buy a new fibreglass bonnet - funds permitting. The slam panel, light surrounds etc. will be made from ply and it is proposed to make fibreglass panels from this. A new skill not learned yet but we will give it a go. Plenty of challenges ahead!!

A set of new tyres to motivate me and get on with the car.
Motivation time !!
Bought a set of new tyres for the car as it is so close to being a rolling unit.
195x45x15" for the front and
225x50x15" for the rear.
I do like this picture - lots and lots and .......... The photo shows the front of the car sitting a bit too low but it sure looks good to me.

Front wings

28 December 2011 Bodywork 1352

As new front wings in steel were 6 times more expensive than fiberglass - you guess, I went for the cheaper. I convinced myself that the benefits apart from the money were lighter and would not rust.

Some re-design to the front wing needed. More issues. Now the car sits so low it fouls the arch. Plan of action is to cut the arch as shown in the picture. The arch will be re-positioned further up to clear the wheel/tyre - trust me!!!!
Reworked arch on front wing. Told you to trust me. I have grown to like this now. Was not sure first time. This will act as a template for my new fibreglass wings. Those will not be as easy as welding a few tack welds. New experiences to come, something else to learn.

Bodywork continues...

28 December 2011 Bodywork 1223

I have completed the passenger side repairs to a point where it is safe and secure to be able to weld in new outriggers from the chassis to the body inner cills. This is my next goal to be able to secure the body to the chassis and have a rolling car. To be able to complete this task the driver side now needs the body attack treatment.

Wheel arch cut out ready for new arch panel. Picture of the arch cut out ready for the new arch panel to be welded in.
New rear arch tack welded in place. New rear arch tack welded in place. Some more welding is required to complete.


27 December 2011 Engine & Transmission 1162

The standard transmission console and gearshift assemble was not going to get fitted. A B&M Mega Shifter was going to do the gearshift work.

Gearbox mounting needs attention. When the front end of the chassis had to be re-adjusted this caused the gearbox mount to be in the wrong place.
New gearbox mounting.As it was quite likely at some point in the future a heavier duty gearbox would be sourced it was decided to add another cross member to the chassis. This meant the gearbox could now be bolted in place.
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