1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8

1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 (32)

This car is being built primarily for the drag strip but will also be able to drive on the road. It has taken a few twist and turns during the build but we are back on track to get it compleded in 2019 (at long last). Due to the time this car is taking it has been called ETERNITY and will be sponsored by SRT Designs Limited - October 2018.

New Water pump and silicon!

27 December 2011 Coolant 1106

Water pump to inlet manifold hose looking a bit worse for wear and not fitting correctly. Also, water pump leaking so the hunt for a new one progresses.

Existing water pump hose modified to suit. January 2007: The original hose had to be cut as the fitting on the inlet manifold extended out quite a distance over the original. The hose was looking a bit worse for wear and the diameter of the water pump and inlet manifold hose were also different and difficult to seal properly.
New Samco silicon hose chopped to suit. February 2007: After some research I found that Samco silicon hoses manufactured a 90° bend with different internal diameters at each end. Perfect, one was purchased and cut to suit my application. Stainless steel hose clips also fitted.

Electrical fan installation

27 December 2011 Coolant 1099

In order to keep the new radiator cool; e.g. in traffic, I needed to fit an electric fan with an adjustable thermostat. Here is how I installed one.

16" electric fan and adjustable thermostat kit.Here is the 16" electric fan kit and Adjustable Thermostat bought from Car Builder Solutions.
Front view of electric fan.The kit had several brackets. The ones I chose were slotted into the fan shroud shown above (4 in total). The round cable ties were slotted through the radiator ensuring you fitted the rubber washer between the bracket and the radiator to offer some protection.


05 July 2011 Fuel 1785

The fuel system will be all new. Starting at the back with a Jaz fuel cell all the way to the Holley 650cfm four barrel with vacuum secondaries up front. All the fuel hose, adapters and fittings will be JIC AN and purchased from Speedflow - all part numbers will be entered for information.

Fuel filter and pump brackets.October 2004: Brackets have been made up and welded to main chassis for the Fram fuel filter and Holley fuel pump. A quick coat of Zinc primer also painted on for protection.
Fuel filter and pump installed.October 2004: Here we have installed the Fram HGP1 fuel filter 602 and Holley Red Top fuel pump. The Fram filter has 1 inlet and 1 outlet that are 3/8" npt female. On both the filter and pump we have fitted a -6 JIC to 3/8" NPT straight adaptor 816-06-06. A -6 straight hose end 401-06 or -6 45deg hose end 402-06 has been fitted to these adapters before the fuel hose.


05 July 2011 Chassis 2078

As work progresses, ideas change, sometimes you make a mistake or the design did not turn out what you might have anticipated.  Well this is one of those moments.

New chassis taking shape. I decided to go all the way and remove the floor pan. Here you see the almost complete box section chassis in place. The Jag IRS fitted, tie straps and radius rods fitted to prevent the axle from moving in positions it shouldn't. When the body was clamped into position and the axle stands removed the suspension lowered more than I anticipated. This has provided me with a small problem of the radius rod fouling with one of the rear chassis members. I will have to sort that one out somehow !!
Modifications required to front chassis leg. The body has been aligned with the chassis. A problem has arose due to the front part of the chassis being too low. This was caused by supporting the body while the car was rolled back and fro and turning the front wheels from lock to lock to ensure the new front suspension was sitting OK on the new springs and shocks. This, however, caused the front to drop an extra 30mm too much. We live and learn in this hobby. I need to alter the front chassis by taking 30mm out of the front leg and re-welding back onto the main rail. This is not too bad just an inconvenience I could have done without. Here you can see that I have cut the legs off and the far one in the picture has been cleaned up ready but the right hand one still needs grinding back.


05 July 2011 Brakes 1906

The plan is to create all new pipe work, fit a servo, have discs all round - vented up front and solid for the rear and a method of balancing the brake pressure from front to rear.

It would have been nice to construct all the pipework using braided hose and stainless fittings but funds dictated it was not to be. I have chosen copper nickel pipe as this is better than just copper. To carry out this task I borrowed a decent pipe flaring tool. Below is making one of the small pipes from the rear caliper to the tee piece.

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