1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8

1967 Mk2 Ford Cortina V8 (32)

This car is being built primarily for the drag strip but will also be able to drive on the road. It has taken a few twist and turns during the build but we are back on track to get it compleded in 2019 (at long last). Due to the time this car is taking it has been called ETERNITY and will be sponsored by SRT Designs Limited - October 2018.


05 July 2011 Coolant 1875

The Radiator needs to be fitted and plumbed in. This page shows how I progress through this task. I am using the original Plymouth radiator as this will be big enough to cope. New brackets will have to be fitted and hoses sourced. As this radiator also acts as the coolant for the gearbox transmission fluid, new fittings will need to be obtained together with necessary plumbing to the gearbox.

Radiator mounted on brackets - trial fit. Radiator mounted on brackets (spot welded) to see if it sits OK. Happy with this and clearance, now taken radiator to be re-cored.
Re-cored radiator carried out by Olympic Radiators. Radiator gets re-cored by Olympic Radiators (very reasonable priced to). It has been upgraded from a 2 to 3 core and has approx. 25% more rows per core. Should keep cool. New 1/8" NPT to JIC -6 adapters fitted from Speedflow - see blue anodised fittings at bottom of radiator pointed out by the arrows.


05 July 2011 Electrics 1792

Another new skill to learn. Even though this is a frightening task I was determined to wire the car from scratch. After many hours of researching on the web and reading loads of Haynes manuals I was not getting anywhere fast. Flicking through Pop Browns catalogue I stumbled across a Hot Rod wiring diagram. Got on the phone and ordered it - best £4 ever spent. At last a diagram that made sense. I was now on a roll. The next page(s) will show you how I get on with this task.

New battery, battery box and alternator. A battery box (from Pop Browns), heavy duty battery and new 75amp alternator was purchased from a local firm.
Gold plated battery terminlas and 4awg cable. A trip to Halfords to source some Positive and Negative 4awg cable, Gold plated battery terminals, earthing point and starter motor connector.


05 July 2011 Suspension 2147

The plan is to install a Mk4/5 Ford Cortina front IFS and a Jag rear IFS. The object is to strip, clean and paint it. On the build up the springs are to be lowered by 2" and Ford Capri 2.8 vented discs fitted with Princess 4 pot calipers. The rear will get uprated spings and all parts reconditioned if required.

Dismantling the nearside fron suspension has started. This shot shows the nearside front suspension partly dismantled. I am having problems with taking the top bolt out of the shock absorber. Gallons of WD40 has not worked. Heat is needed - this I do not have but I am in the process of sorting that out.
New suspension parts and some that have been painted ready for fitting. New Gas shocks, -2" lowered springs, vented discs, upper arm bushes and caliper seal kits.

Engine and Transmission

05 July 2011 Engine & Transmission 2214

The engine will be a Mopar block 318 cubic inch, 5.2 litre with some modifications. The gearbox is the standard 904 torque flight box.

First job was to place the engine and gearbox in the car and see how things shaped up. This resulted in some of the front panel being removed together with most of the firewall. It was decided that the whole front end would come off and a new one fabricated making things a lot easier to access and maintain.


05 July 2011 Bodywork 2064

In the next few pages you will see how all aspects of the bodywork are being tackled to end up with a solid and presentable body. The near side of the cars body work is getting the treatment now. The new inner sill, outer sill and repairs to the A and B-Post are in need of new sheet metal. This work is to be carried out very soon as to give me a solid base before the new floor can be fitted. I have just bought a 3' x 3' - 20 swg sheet so work can progress rapidly !!

Strip down process begins with anger.
Car on the left is starting to look rather naked. All the panels started to to be taken off. Inner wings also totally removed. One side was left on so I would remember what it looked and fitted like. It is always easy to say "I'll remember where that goes..." The point is, on a long build up it might be months or years before you get round to that part again and you never seem to remember then!! I find a few sketches and notes help. However, sometimes you can get carried away and totally forget.

A-Post in need of some new sheet metal. Here we see that the inner sill has been removed and the A-Post in need of some new sheet metal. First more cutting out is needed prior to new metal.
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