A-Post and chassis repairs

08 July 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 418

A-post and chassis repairs need to be carried out. Both areas are a bit of a mess and need some serious head scratching on how this will be tackled.

Offside A-post cut up ready for fabrication.The problem here is two layers again. Metal is cut out in small areas and rebuilding commences. The bluey colour you see is the inner layer covered in Kurust before being primed.
Offside A-post inner layers protected before fabrication begins.Inner side of A-Post painted to aid protection before outer layer welded in place.
New chassis repair sections from Ex-Pressed Steels.New chassis repair sections from Ex-Pressed Steels. Work can now progress removing the old rusty ones. What is left anyway.

New chassis repair sections painted inside with POR-15.New chassis sections were rubbed down inside with a medium scotch brite pad, and two coats of POR-15 for good protection.
Template for inner cill is made up and marked out.More rotten metal is cut away. A template is made up of thin card and marked out ready for the 1.2mm (18 gauge) sheet metal.
Bottom of A-Post reinforced.The bottom of the A-post has an inner reinforced panel. There were some small rust holes in this so I cut a section out. Here is the new section added and welds ground down to accept the top panel when made. You can see from the bottom of the picture the inner cill which was made up from the template welded in place.
Top of inner cill fabricated by A-Post.Top part of inner cill has been made up and welded on. This again has been made in 1.2mm (18 gauge) sheet metal. It is surprising how strong this now is. New cill offered up to see how it was all looking.
Under floor prepared with POR-15 before chassis sections welded on.Before the chassis sections are welded on I have cleaned and painted the under floor area with POR15. This should provide some extra protection and last for many years to come.