Collection Day

29 June 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 674

Saturday soon came and the collection day was about to begin. My son and I set off at 8:00am to fill up with fuel and pick up the car trailer from CLH Trailers. With the trailer in tow, we set off for our long journey to Ipswich. We arrived and found the location with ease (with the aid of Sat Nav).

collection cortina1May 2006 - The owner and his brother assist in guiding the car onto the trailer while I frantically wind up the winch handle (cleverly out of shot).
collection cortina2My new TOY!!! is loaded onto the trailer ready for strapping down.

ebay pic3Where's the wing? The old one had been taken off with a good second hand spare in the boot.
ebay pic4What no cill!!! Yes, you've right, old one taken off (well nearly) and new cill in the car.

The car was already paid for (through Ebay), documents completed, car strapped down and the away we go on the return journey home. Typical, it had started to rain and approx. 10 miles down the road we slowed down pulling onto the slip road to fill up with fuel (again!!). Disaster strikes, a large bang was heard and all I could see was the Cortina launching itself towards the back of my car. Oh dear! I thought :) (well, something like that). The strap had broken and the car plunged forward and luckily (yeah! right) purched itself onto the jockey wheel; i.e. the wheel was in between the sump and the front cross member. The sad part of this was the car had a perfect front valance with some new metal black and silver number plates. Now it has a big jockey wheel handle crease in it and a rather bend front number plate. Anyway, without boring you with the rest of the details it took 2.5 hours to sort out and we were off back down the by-pass. Many thanks to the owners brother and work colleague for coming to the rescue. We eventually arrive home just before midnight, very tired after 16 hours and 640 miles. This had been a challenging day.