Engine and gearbox

30 June 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 488

The engine and gearbox are removed to enable bodywork to be repaired. The plan is to tidy up all the wires etc. in the engine bay and give it all a lick of paint as I dislike messy engine bays. The engine will get totally stripped with all parts checked over for any abnormal wear. Any new parts required will be sourced, all new gasket and seals will be fitted on the re-build. We must not forget to mention that the engine will get cleaned and painted Ford Red for that finishing touch. The engine will remain as standard as possible (for now!!) to keep the initial costs down.

blockOctober 2006 - The remaining bare block now ready for cleaning.
engine numberThe engine number 691M 6015BA is stamped on the block. This tells you this is a 1969/1970 1600 crossflow unit.
engine2Nearside view of the engine on stand. Plans are to clean this all up and paint it Ford Red.

engine in bitsWell, here is as jigsaw - engine now completely stripped of every bolt, washer, bearing etc. Ready for inspection.
noengineEmpty engine bay. Now ready for bodywork repairs and a tidy up of those wires. I dislike messy engine bays. This area might very well get a lick of paint. Time will tell.
engine1Offside view of the engine now located on the engine stand awaiting stripping.