Engine bay bodywork

08 July 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 396

As the engine is almost complete I turn my attention to getting the engine bay ready. It looked a bit untidy and grubby which is not to my satisfaction. A few repairs need carrying out before sanding down ready for painting in a new colour!!!!

Offside inner wing needing some attention.Offside inner wing looking for attention. The rust has gone through two layers which makes this repair a bit harder to tackle.
First layer of sheet metal welded in place.Rusty area cut out and the first (inner) layer filler piece welded in place. You can also see some POR Strip which has been sprayed on lifting the existing paint away. What a great product this is. Weld thru primer also applied before top layer is welded on.
New sheet metal shaped ready for welding.Top layer sheet metal shaped and treated with Metal Ready prior to being welded in place.

Top layer welded in place.Here we have the top layer welded in place. This was carefully stitched welded to avoid burning holes and distortion. The welds will be sanded down latter.
Offside inner wing.Offside inner wing repaired with a coat of Zinc 182 to temporary protect the bare metal. The rest of the inner wing is starting to get cleaned and sanded down ready for priming.
Nearside engine bay needing attention.Nearside inner wing showing a few holly areas. Similar to the offside this has gone through two layers but is not as big - oh! great. Only one layer for the hole by the wing - lucky me!
Nearside repair.Rust layers cut out. As offside both filler pieces treated with Metal Ready and welded in place.
Nearside innerwing.Nearside inner wing repairs complete and treated with Zinc 182 as a temporary measure. Again, inner wing being cleaned and sanded down.