Engine re-build

30 June 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 472

After the engine cleanup the re-build will commence.

productsOctober 2006 - Here we have some of the POR-15 products used. Metal Ready and the Ford Red Engine Enamel.
maskThis picture shows the 3M Organic Vapour/Particulate Respirator. It is well worth spending out on one of these as some of these products especially modern paints are no good for your health - remember, keep yourself safe. This mask is comfortable and when I painted the engine I did not at any time smell any of he paint fumes. Also, make sure there is plenty of ventilation while painting.
engine degreasedNovember 2006 - The engine block has been degreased (a few times), wire brushed to ensure it is completed clean of any dirt, grease etc. and no rusty.

engine metalreadyPOR-15 Metal Ready was then sprayed on which removes any rust by dissolves it, provides a key for any paint and coats the metal with zinc phosphate to prevent any further rusting. This is why the engine looks like it has seen a ghost!!
painted blockApril 2007 - I was hoping to get away with 2 coats but the block has now had 3 good coats to come up to the finish required. New core plugs also fitted.
partsSome of the goodies ready to be fitted in to the engine. We have the Kent 244 cam with dual springs, pistons, main and big end bearings, modified oil pump, core plugs, ARP bolts and 214N stainless steel valves.