Engine re-build continues..

08 July 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 472

The rebuild continues with parts starting to get fitted back into the block and head.

gt underviewofblockApril 2007 - New pistons fitted into block like a treat. ARP bolts torqued as per manufacturers recommendations. You can just see the Kent 244 camshaft in the picture. Plenty of cam lube used.
valves enlargedHere we see the valve seats have been recut and the exhausts opened out to race spec. You can just see the bronze valve guides machined into place on the exhaust side.
head valves fittedValves and seats lapped for a good seal before being fitted into head. Valve oil seals would not fit so the head had to be taken back to Hargreaves Engineering to get the top of the guides machined to ensure correct clearance when installing double valve springs.

valvespringsNew valve stem oil seals for duplex valve springs had to be purchased from Burton Power as the existing ones would not fit (not narrow enough to fit inside inner spring). You would have thought these should have been in the Kent Cam kit!
conrod removalIn order to remove the conrods from the old pistons a little help of boiling water was required. I have an old kettle in the garage ideal for such events. The circlips had been removed before submerging the piston in the water and after a few minutes the piston pin came out effortless.
gt newpistonsNew pistons, rings and performance shells assembled ready to be installed into block with some new ARP bolts.
bearing check1Here we see some plastiguage placed on the crank so we can check the gap of the bearing shells to the journal. This is carried out on each cylinder. The cap end is then bolted down and released.
ready for sumpAfter the bolts have been undone the cap end is removed and the gap is checked by using the gauge supplied with the plastiguage. If this is within tolerance all is Ok. Lucky for me all gaps were within tolerance.