Engine re-build continues...

08 July 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 413

The rebuild is coming to an end. Here we have the camshaft getting timed in.

timing camshaftApril 2008 - Dial gauge being used to find true TDC and to time the camshaft.
head gasketPayen gasket placed on the block ready for the head to be fitted. The new water pump was fitted together with the front cover. This was getting ahead of myself as the camshaft had not been timed in. Ah well!! off they had to come.
head fittedHere we have the head fitted and bolts torqued down in the correct sequence. Starting to look like a whole engine again.

timing discTiming disc from Burton Power fitted with spacers to the front pulley. Notice the made up pointer for the disc.
timing deviceThe pointer was made up of 20 gauge sheet metal and securely held in place by the alternator bracket bolts.
vernier gearsetJune 2008New Vernier gear set, chain and tensioner from Burton Power.
vernier fittedJuly 2008 - Vernier gear set and chain fitted. Looking good, it's a shame it has to be covered up!! A big thanks to Noel for helping me set this up and time in the cam.
timing deviceNew sump gasket with front and rear sump seals fitted. Both sides of the sump seals were bedded in with Loctite high performance flexible gasket which is used on most modern cars. It is an oil resistant liquid gasket for metal and plastic.