Fuel supply

08 July 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 402

As I have now gone for twin 40s the fuel supply, pump etc. will need upgrading. Here I will show you my installation build up.

A selection of fuel parts puchased ready for my installation.August 2008: Here we have the fuel parts ready for installation. We have a roll of 8mm I.D. fuel hose, fuel clips, Filter King fuel regulator/filter with 85mm alloy bowl, pressure gauge and finally a Facet Red Top Competition electric fuel pump kit.
Rear of petrol tank gets a clean up.August 2008: The first part was to locate where the fuel pump was going to go. At some point in the past it appears the car had a towbar. There was a length of angle iron which you can see and a vertical piece which has now been removed. You may see where this was fixed by the hole in the top bar which looks wet as this is where I had sprayed WD40 before removing the nut and bolt (top right). I will use this hole as one of the fixing holes for my new bracket I will make up. Also, I have started to clean up some of the flakey underseal.
Facet Fuel pump bracket ready for bolting back up to Cortina.December 2008: The bracket was removed from the car as the tank needed to come out (pin hole found in tank). This was cleaned, treated and painted. Also, a 2mm thick plate was made to hold the Facet Fuel Pump. This was painted and bolted to the main bracket with 2 x 10mm bolts, washers, spring washers and nylon nuts. This should ensure it does not come loose. The pump mounting rubbers have been bolted up together with the earthing strap.