General Cortina Deluxe updates

19 November 2013 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 1210

In order to get the twin throttle cables linked to the carbs I had to modify the existing throttle pedal assembly. The end was cut off which came through the bulkhead and fixed to the carb. A 10mm mild steel rod measured and welded onto the existing pedal to house the cable ends.

A new type LED fuse box hs ven installed. So far the electric fuel pump is using this and if the fuse goes the LED will light up. This has been simulated by taking the fuse out and you can see the LED lights up in the following picture. The feed comes from switched live and is a 6mm cable.

Apart from a zip tie holding the lowered spring in place I have wrapped locking wire in place top and bottom for added strength.

The Radiator was cleaned up, sides primered and then painted with the cooling fins in heat proof radiator paint. Once dried it was installed into the car.

The Cherry bomb rear silencer was positioned and new exit hole cut out in rear valance. Need to order clamps, flexi pipe and straps to link this up to the exhaust system.

Rev counter with build in shift light, manual oil pressure and water temperature gauges wired and plumbed in.