Offside rear inner wheel tub and floor

16 October 2011 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 1130

The next stage is repairing some of the rear floor after the inner cill repair.  Also, after some cleaning around the rear wheel tub one of the previous owners got carried away with mesh and body filler.  This was not expected so more repairs needed.

Offside rear floor section needing repair.After the inner cill repair, part of the rear floor was effected and need to be cut out and repaired.
Offside rear floor section cutout.Affected area cut out and cleaned up ready for new metal.
Offside floor repair section in place.New section fabricated with the return lip to be plug welded to the rear of the inner cill.
Offside floor section repaired.New section welded and dressed back.
Offside floor section complete.A coat of POR15 applied before the seam sealer. Another coat of POR15 applied on top to stop particles sticking to the seam sealer.
Offside rear tub in need of repair.Rear tub was cleaned up and exposed some mesh and plenty of body filler. This has been removed and the area marked up ready for the bad areas to be cut out.
Offside rear tub repair.The floor area and tub part cut out before the curve. New floor area welded in place and dressed back. 
Offside rear tub side repair.The curved area of the floor and tub cut out. The surrounding metalwork taken back to metal to make sure good weld contact. 
Offside rear tub side repair.New floor area welded in place and dressed back.
Offside rear tub side repair.First part welded in place. Curved area taked in place to the return lip.
Offside rear tub side repair panel.Here you can see the return lip tacked in place.
Offside rear tub side repair panel.The return lip has been welded and dressed in readiness for welding into the car.
Offside rear tub and floor repair complete.Floor and tub repair sections welded in place.  Here you can see the area has been covered first with a coat of POR15.  Seam sealer applied to all seams and welded joints for extra protection.  Finally a second coat of POR15 to protect everything.