Outer cill and other repair work

11 January 2012 1968 Mk2 Ford Cortina Deluxe 1404

(11/01/2012) We know move on to fit the offside outer cill. The first job was to cut out the bad metal from the rear arch and door edge. Three sections were made to repair this part due to the curves and it being in a very awkward position. Welds were dressed back and the cill went on and off at least 50+ times to ensure correct fitment and alignment to the front wing swage line. An end section was fabricated for the rear part of the cill. The inside of the cill was then painted with POR-15 before final fitment to the car.  When happy, with some self tappers holding the top edge and plenty of clamps holding the bottom lip, welding commenced. The top was seam welded (90%) and the bottom was plugged welded. Again, welds dressed back and an initial mix of fibreglass paste laid to bridge the different level from old to new. Fibreglass was sanded back and a thin layer of filler applied to shape and smooth things over. Lastly was to give the panel a sand down and a thin layer of epoxy primer to seal the fresh metalwork and provide a guide for further smoothing of the filled in areas. Pictures below show this work through.

A couple more areas needed some attention.  A small hole was spotted by the rear wheel tub in the boot area. This was cleaned out, new metal welded in, seam sealer applied and a quick coat of etched primer just to protect the metalwork before the inner boot gets prepared for spraying. The rear of the nearside inner cill needed some attention. All the bad area was cut out, new metal welded in, seam sealer applied and a quick coat of etched primer for protection. See pictures below.