2013 push

12 November 2013 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 1119

Time to get the Escort out from under the covers and back on the road.

Pictures in the Gallery below will see the car under cover which has been too long. Covers off, engine out to see what that small knocking noise was. Engine stripped, issue was found where the crankshaft was catching the sump baffle. It was very small, this was sorted out by cutting the baffle plate out. New gaskets and ARP head bolts fitted. An addition was a pair of Weber DCOE 40 carbs. The K&N filters did not fit past the servo :( This was cured with a new set of super lighweight ram pipes. What I did not realise at the time after waiting many weeks we had to get different Venturis.  Anyway, a new set purchased, fitted and ram pipes installed. I damaged the dipstick tube trying to take it off. Luckily, I had some silicon hose left over which was the correct size. A few measurements and new diptsick tube sorted.

Some more additions was a new electronic ignition set from Accuspark, new red top fuel pump and fuel king regulator/filter. All this was fitted, engine back in car and we had some real issues getting the car setup with the new ignition. At the 11th hour this was sorted, so we thought!! Read up here when we took the car to Round 6 of the Old Skool Ford Drag Racing Championship.

New rear arches were fitted with a splash of primer to protect the metal before getting the car to Round 7 (last round). Unfortunately, the car played up and it was decided to give it a miss. It was a long way to go knowing the car was not right.

Next stage is to get the car running right which I think we now have. A new brake pipe on the front was made up and fitted. Another new brake pipe running across the rear axle is required for the new MOT rules (a slight bit or rust on the pipe). This will be done soon and the car can go for MOT.

So will the car be ready for a full season of Drag Racing in 2014? YES, it is ready now :)