Engine progress

25 February 2016 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 804

Here we have some progress on the engine ancillaries. A few second hand parts have been purchased such as ignition module, front half of propshaft, throttle cable, consult diagnostic plug with tail of wires, wastegate solenoid valve and bracket and instrument cluster.

New parts purchased are magnetic sump plug, K&N oil filter, engine and gearbox oil, gasket sealant, ancillary belt, exhaust studs and nuts, stainless steel performance race exhaust manifold, stainless steel exhaust turbo elbow with screamer pipe, turbo install kit with braided steel 4AN oil feed line and braided steel 6AN water lines.

All hoses, inlet manifold, throttle body etc. have been cleaned up. ECU has had the NATS removed by Horsham Developments. Consult plug wired up. The Escort has been wired up just enough to turn the engine over.  The next stage is sorting out the wiring for the ECU, fuse boxes and relays.