Getting the car ready for MOT

03 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 592

mot failed
The MOT had just run out when the car was purchased. Before it was trailered home I took it for a MOT to see what needed doing to the car. This would give a list of tasks which required to be carried out and give me an indication of how good the car was underneath, joints, bushes etc.

November 2008 - VOSA Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate.

The Escort failed its MOT which was to be expected as I knew a couple of items such as one of the front lights was not working and the number plates were not the correct colours for the year. 

The list is not as bad as it looks. There are 5 points that need attention.

1. Front and Rear number plates.
2. New steering rack.
3. Sort out the offside light as no side, dip or main beam.
4. Sort out the alignment of the nearside light.
5. Requires an offside front shock absorber.

strip grilleTo address the lights we started by removing the front grille. The offside headlamp and housing was removed to reveal why there was no light on that side.
offside light2Here you can see the main bulb has blown (it has gone blue) and the side light bulb holder is corroded and broken.
grill clip and screwWhile this is not an MOT failure there were a few clips and screws missing. In all, we will need to acquire a further 2 x grille clips and 6 x screws to ensure the grille is fitted securely.
bushes bulbsDecember 2008  - A few parts have arrived to progress. Here we have a side light holder, side light and main/dip bulbs. While changing the steering rack I thought it best to change the bushes so in will go some Polyrace ones.