Getting the car ready for MOT continues..

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 508

The MOT work continues with nothing short of the odd hiccup here and there.

steering rackDecember 2008 - Existing steering rack removed and the second hand steering rack bolted back up after getting a quick clean down and the Polyrace bushes fitted.
Offside strut removed. Brake calipers, disks etc. transferred to the secondhand one and refitted. Another couple of tasks completed.
rear fogMOT regulations state the car must have a rear fog light from April 1980. As the Escort is August 1980 we had to fit one as it appeared at some point to have been removed. Luckily I had a spare one in the garage and the Escort wiring was still in place. A quick clean up, new nut and bolt and the job now complete.
mot lightsNew lights were fitted and needed adjustment prior to MOT. Here you can see the kind MOT tester making the necessary adjustments prior to starting the MOT. Notice the legal front coloured number plate!!

mot brakesHere you can see the Escort going through the front brake test on the rollers during its MOT. You may also notice the correct and legal rear coloured number plate!!
mot emmisionsThe test is nearing completion with the tester printing off the emissions readout. The computer says YES!! To the right is the MOT pass certificate which is good news. As we had a secondhand steering rack the garage checked and made some adjustments to the tracking before we left.
mot passedVOSA MOT Test Certificate.