Offside bodywork

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 673

In continuation of the nearside bodywork this page will show the progress of the work being carried out on the offside of the Escort.

bw os rear1May 2009 - Bottom of rear arch was sanded back the other week while I was doing the new fuel line. Clean metal but exposed a couple of small pinholes. The area was coated with Zinc 182 on a temporary basis. The holes will get welded up and ground back.
bw os rear1fSmall holes welded up, primered and a few coats of Solar Gold. Looks a bit better even though I missed covering all the primer. One for another day as this is only a temporary measure.
bw os rear3The rear part of the cill shows a previous repair and some rust. This will get sanded right back to bare metal to also see the full extend of the rusty area.

bw os front1This is the worst part. The lower part of the front door has a rusty hole. All the doors inside are like new so this is strange. The inside panel will get removed to see the extend of the damage before a repair plan is carried out.
bw os rear2Top of rear arch showing visible signs of some rust bubbles. This will get sanded right back to expose the real the exact damage.
os frontdoor repairedJuly 2011 - Rotten part of door cut out and repaired with sheet metal.
os frontdoor repairedRotten part of door cut out and repaired with sheet metal.
escort ghia 092September 2013 - New offside rear arch fitted, needs finishing off.