Refreshed engine and gauges

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 561

The 1660 crossflow has now been removed to go back into my Cortina. The 1700 crossflow has been cleaned up, new rings and performance head gasket fitted, electronic ingition and the twin 40s borrowed for now.

1700 xflow2March 2010 - 1700 crossflow pictured showing off its new performance head gasket. New rings fitted as a couple of the top rings had broken.
1700 xflow complete1700 crossflow assembled ready to be fitted back into the Escort. Fuel blanking plate, electronic ignition, water pump and all new gaskets and oil filter installed.
monster tachoA new 11,000 rpm tacho fitted with shift light. This gauge also houses a water temp, oil pressure and oil temperature gauge. Nice and compact.

1700 engine refittedApril 2010 - 1700 crossflow engine installed back in the car.