Renew front end panels

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 1037

Before going racing this year it was decided to tidy up the front end and install the new wings and front panel. This was meant to be an easy job but after removing the wings we were faced with needing to repair the drip rails, bottom of a-posts and the front of the cills.

os wingMarch 2010 - The front end gets stripped in readiness to remove the front wings and panel. Here you can see the rust on the edge of the wing and front valance.
os rustywing removedOffside wing removed showing that extra work is required. Drip rail and A-post repairs will need to be carried out before the new panels are fitted.
fw os front1April 2010 - Offside wing removed has revealed a bit of rot at the front of the cill / A-post.

fw os front2After careful cutting away the inner cill it has highlighted 3 layers need to be replaced.
fw os front3Inner cill repair section welded in. Next stage is to fabricated a repair section for the front of the cill before cutting away too much. This helps to keep the shape.
fw os front4May 2010 - Here is the repair section fabricated. The rear was coated with primer to protect the bare metalwork.
fw os front5Here you can see all three layers have been welded in place. Metalwork primered and painted with Satin Black which is a temporary colour before the car gets a full respray.
fw os front6The area has had a cover of underseal painted on to add some extra protection.
fw os front7The size of hole left after cutting away the inner cill.
fw os front8Inner cill welded in place, sealed and coated with POR15.