1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia

1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia (25)

The Escort had a 1700 xflow engine and a few rusty panels. The car has competed in the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge with some success. More power is always required so the car is now being rebuild with a Turbocharged engine with the aim to hit somewhere between 300 and 340bhp.

Nearside bodywork

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 709

The plan is for the car to have a full strip down and respray at the end of the year (2009). In order to preserve the car while it is used throughout the year some bodywork is required to be done. The next few pages will show the progress of the work being carried out. We start here with the nearside bodywork.

bw ns rear1May 2009 - This shows the rear corner of the cill has rotted away and requires some attention before it gets any worse.
bw ns rear2The rear part of the cill and arch has been sanded down to reveal what the rust damage has done. It is not as bad as expected.
bw ns rear3The exposed metal was not too bad and the effected area was cut away. As usual a cardboard template was made and I used 1.2mm sheet metal this time rather than 1mm. This was shaped and welded up.

Modifications continues...

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 1132

Not many to go know. Here we have the bulkhead getting a dose of lump hammer!!, an additional fuse box and a harness fitted.

throttle linkage1April 2009 - The rear part of the carb throttle linkage is fouling the bulkhead. I did not want to cut any metal out at this stage. The area was marked out ready for some action.
throttle linkage2It might be a bit crude but it did the job. The bulkhead was modified by gently!! tapping the bulkhead with a hammer until the required space was achieved. A quick coat of Zinc primer was given for some added protection. This will get tidied up when the car goes in for a full strip down and respray at the end of the year (that's the plan anyway).
fuse boxIn order to provide power to the new fuel pump a new fuse box was fitted. The fuse box was fitted to the side of the radio housing which also gives it good access. A switched live was taken to the fuse box and the fuel pump connected to the other end using a 10 amp fuse for protection.
harnessTo finish off I fitted the TRS 3 point harness originally destined for my V8 Cortina. This will makes sure I am starpped in for a bit of extra safety.

Modifications continues..

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 737

More modifications are still required. Here we modify the location of the servo, add Goodridge braided brake hose kit, High Torque Starter motor, engine mount spacers and attached dipstick tube.

servo1April 2009 - The servo unit requires to be moved down to allow room for the twin 40 Dellorto carbs. The brake pipes will also need to be routed closer to the inner wing.
servo2This is a closer look of the bottom of the servo mounting before it gets modified.
servo3The bottom of the servo bracket had to be cut off using the trusted angle grinder with metal cutting disc. You can see from the photo the large holes on the left which are the original holes compared to the new fixing points to the right using new 10mm 8.8 bolts.


08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 631

Lots of modifications required to get this engine sorted. Here we are fitting fuel line, the electric fuel pump and twin throttle linkage.

fuel tank1April 2009 - Fuel tank emptied and removed for the car. As you can see a small water leak exists somewhere and is starting to take its toll on the bodywork.
fuel tank2After a good sanding down the rusty areas were given two coats of POR15. A small hole was also drilled in the lower section so if any water was to get under the fuel tank it would drain away. The last thing was to give the seams a good coating of seam sealer.
fuel pumpThe Red Top Facet Fuel pump has been installed on the inner rear arch. The pump is on rubber mountings to prevent vibration. The 8mm ID fuel lines have also been fitted and connected up to the pump and fuel tank. The 14g red cable was connected to the power lead and run down the inside of the car to the front fuse panel.

Engine transplant

08 July 2011 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort Ghia 594

Time has come to prepare the Escort for OSFDC 2009 - (Old Skool Ford Drag Championship). The plan so far is to remove the existing 1700 crossflow and use my newly built 1660 crossflow which was originally destined to be fitted into the MK2 Cortina (a change of plan!!). The installation of twin 40 DHLA's, twin throttle linkage and tune up are all coming up very soon. To ensure the engine gets sufficient fuel a Red Top Facet pump will get installed with fuel regulator. Some gauges will also be fitted to ensure we are aware of what the engine is getting up to.

guages2March 2009 - These gauges were purchased from Summit Racing in the USA. I brought them back with me last year after visiting the 2008 Detroit Motor show. The twin pod has a Water Temperature and Oil Pressure gauge.
tacho shifterThis neat Rev counter with shift light was also purchased from Summit Racing. It has fitted rather well on the steering shroud. It is in full view and does not interfere with the indicator stalk.

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