Type 7 kit car build

Type 7 kit car build (1)

The plan here was to build a Robin Hood Type 7 kit car. However, it did not quite work out - this time!

The start, middle and end...

13 November 2011 Type 7 kit car build 748

The plan was to build a Robin Hood Type 7 kit car.  I must have spent a few months casually checking Ebay for a cheap donor car.  Cars were coming up but were at least 150+ miles away.  This is where the diary type events take over.

June 19th 2004 spotted car outside house only 2 miles up the road.

June 20th 2004 rang number advertised on car. What I wanted and asking price starting at £150.

June 21st got £150 cash from cash point and went to see car. Called cold to see how car started. Started first time, no smoke and went ok. Offered £100 cash - owner accepted - deal done. Collect paperwork, went home and asked Peter if he could drive it back for me. Picked up Peter and collected Sierra.Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 GL

June 22nd spent over an hour looking at ebay for a Haynes manual. There were over 40 of them, different versions, pricing and postage. Emailed the one with 2004the cheapest postage. Manual £1.50, postage £2.00. 4 days to go and did not want to wait. Offered £4 inc p&p.

June 23rd 2004 Reply from ebayer accepting my offer. Will change auction to buy it now. Bid on item when changed to buy it now and payed using paypal.

June 25th 2004 Haynes manual arrived very well packed and looked new, no oily marks or ripped pages.

June 27th 2004 Christopher and me started work stripping Sierra. First task was to strip the dashboard and centre console. Keep all screws, clips etc. Took photos along way as reminders. Today we managed to strip the entire dashboard and centre console, Removed all sound proofing from bulkhead and most of the wiring loom is now free at the front of the car.Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 GL - ready for dismantling.

03 July 2004 - Christopher and I spent most of the day stripping more bits off the car. Steering column, accelerator pedal and cable, speedo cable, clutch cable, clutch and brake pedal box, brake master cylinder and servo. Heater unit and pipes, windscreen wiper assembly, radiator including shroud, Windscreen washer bottle and pipes, air cleaner assembly and disconnect most of the pipes/cables in readiness for the engine and gearbox removal.

04 July 2004 - did a little bit more stripping today. Front headlamps and indicators removed. Do not need them but someone else may do. Other few parts removed were Engine management system, coil, fuel regulator.

09 July 2004 Friday - squeezed in a quick 30 min before supper. Removed cables on inlet manifold, carb, distributor, oil and coolant switches. Cables on the starter motor also removed and engine mounting bolts undone.

10 July 2004 Saturday - Plan for today was to remove the engine and gearbox. Problem with one of the bolts holding the mid support for the propshaft. Only way was to grind it off. Two of the anti roll bar bolts sheared off. Exhaust came off ok. Ended up grinding a slot off the slam panel and bent it down to ease removal of the engine and box which came out reasonably in the end.

11 July 2004 Sunday - Handbrake lever was the first to come off today. Next task was to remove the whole of the front suspension i.e. crossmember, steering and front struts. A couple of the crossmember bolts were really hard to remove. Bonnet catch was removed and a lot more earthing cables removed and labelled up. Car lowered on blocks at the front and the rear jacked right up and supported on axle stands ready for next weekend (removal of complete rear suspension, axle etc).

17 July 2004 - Saturday - Weather not too good. Unable to remove rear sub frame and axle. Instead we removed all the components off the complete front suspension unit as this was in the garage. Anti roll bar, front struts, control arm and engine mounts now dismantled and stored in a box. Gearbox was split from engine and engine mounted onto the engine stand.

25 July 2004 - Sunday - Just had a couple of hours to spare today. Started to remove all the necessary bolts, brake pipes etc. to remove the rear final drive and suspension unit as a whole. Did quite well as we only had the shock absorber top bolts to remove before the unit can be removed from the car. Job for next weekend.